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Welcome to a wondrous world of Yiddishe kinderlach!

We’re excited to meet you!


For many years, we had a dream.  

We dreamed of bringing top-of-the-line toys and games to frum kids. Toys that allow their imagination to take flight. Toys that carry them to new, exhilarating worlds of fantasy and play. Toys that invite them to spend hundreds of happy hours building character and friendships.

Without compromising one iota on our timeless Jewish standards or values.

For years, parents were reluctant to bring Playmobil and other toys into the house because of the distinctly non-Jewish figures, knowing that these were not the characters they wanted as friends and companions for their kids.


Changing the Rules  

Picolla Citta is revolutionizing the rules of the game! For the first time ever, frum kids can enjoy miniature friends and accessories from a world that’s uniquely Jewish! Our characters and scenes are selected from the positive experiences of Jewish life, and our toys are manufactured in factories with international approval ratings whose products meet strict American quality control standards.

This way, you can rest assured that your children are in good company—in all regards!

Give your kids the ultimate play experience!

We invite kids of all ages into a magical Jewish world of miniature friends and scenes that provide countless hours of kosher entertainment while capturing their hearts—and yours!

Meet all your kids’ new friends!

Watch them come alive as they play & absorb strong Jewish values along the way!